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Welcome to Christ MercyLand Deliverance Ministries, also known as arena of solution and power. This is an end time deliverance and Prophetic ministry. Our mission is to spread abroad the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, to proclaim liberty to the captives. Demonstrating the power of God in the end time to all nations. What we believe about Deliverance. Can a Christian have a demon? This is perhaps the single most important question that is asked concerning deliverance ministry. Let us first say that it is Satan’s Number one lie, to keep demons from being cast out. The answer is yes, a Christian can have demon. We all need deliverance!

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Keep Watching MercyTV for amazing Experience of God's power of miracles through Prophet Jeremiah Omoto... Remain blessed and transformed.

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You may want to sow in the vineyard of God which shall never rotten, instead you seeds of faith shall yield abundantly to glory of the most high God.
Also, Charity wipes a multitude of sins, it clears the record and whoever gives lacks not...

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